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Warning Signs of an Overdose

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Identifying the Signs of Overdose

Overdosing can be a scary experience, to say the least, and can be potentially fatal. This makes it important for you to know the warning signs and what to do if you think someone may be overdosing. The experts at North Georgia Recovery Center are here to share information to help you recognize the signs and take the appropriate actions.

What is an Overdose?

An overdose happens when an individual, purposely or accidentally, consumes drugs to a point where their body is overwhelmed and cannot perform basic physiological functions properly. When it comes to drug abuse, it can be difficult to gauge how much of a substance you are consuming at a given time—making overdose very possible with illicit drug use, especially when mixing drugs.

Signs & Symptoms

Depending on the drug being used, symptoms of an overdose may vary. However, some of the most common observable signs and symptoms of an overdose can include:

  • Sudden changes in body temperature.
  • Losing consciousness or passing out.
  • Skin turning bluish in color.
  • Abnormal, labored breathing.
  • Changes in pulse.
  • Having a seizure.
  • Being confused or delirious.
  • Increased anxiety.
  • Clammy skin.

What to Do in the Event of an Overdose

If you think that someone around you is overdosing, it is essential that you call 911 immediately. As you wait for emergency medical services to arrive, do to following to ensure the affected person is okay:

  • Place them on their side in case they vomit.
  • Prevent them from eating or drinking anything.
  • Keep record of what substances they've been taking if you can.
  • Prevent them from taking a cold shower to “sober up.”

Seeking Help for Addiction at North Georgia Recovery Center

The road to recovery starts with taking the first step. Let us walk alongside you on the path to sobriety and wellness. When you choose to get treatment at North Georgia Recovery Center, you can rest assured knowing that you will be treated by licensed therapists in our state-of-the-art facilities. Every one of our team members is certified to address and effectively treat the issues that come along with addiction.

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