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We approach rehabilitation differently than most facilities. Whereas many recovery centers adhere strictly to certain programs and attempt to apply the same approach to all of their patients, North Georgia Recovery Center provides individualized treatment for each patient. We strive to create lifelong relationships with our patients. The family we form with everyone who enters our facility, and witnessing the progress of our patients, is the most rewarding part of operating this center.

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At North Georgia Recovery Center, we believe in the immense value of teamwork and togetherness. Building a positive, community atmosphereis our philosophy, and you can rely on our family of current therapists and staff to make that happen

  • “I have trusted and will continue to trust my loved one with these people.”

    - Miles N.
  • “James and Spencer are really good at what they do. They have helped people I know stop using for good!”

    - Lindsay A.
  • “The staff is extremely knowledgeable, engaged and remains committed to providing the highest level of care at all times!”

    - Ben B.
  • “This place is absolutely amazing! Such a caring staff, beautiful facility, and top-notch facilitators! I would highly recommend this place to anybody who asked!”

    - Caroline S.
  • “This team can help you achieve sobriety and keep it!”

    - Laura M.