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Heroin Rehab Helping You Take the First Steps Toward Recovery

Heroin Addiction Rehab in Kennesaw

Recovery is Within Reach

Heroin can be ingested by snorting, smoking, or injection. In any form, it is a highly-addictive and highly-dangerous drug. Ceasing heroin use is very difficult, but it is not impossible.

North Georgia Recovery Center can help if you are struggling with heroin addiction and are looking for a way out. We offer individual, group, and family therapy, partial hospitalization and outpatient programs, and alternative methods of treatment such as art therapy and spiritual groups. Our licensed therapists will tailor their approach to your specific needs so your individualized treatment plan is right for you.

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Dangers of Heroin Use

Addiction, overdose, and death are the most common risks of using heroin. It is virtually impossible to use heroin without getting addicted to it, and tolerance for the drug builds quickly. As a person becomes increasingly dependent and requires more of the drug to obtain the high they initially experienced, they may experience effects such as heart infections, liver disease, kidney disease, respiratory issues, and other damaging health issues.

Heroin is also dangerous because of the severity of withdrawal. The highly-addictive properties of heroin make the mind and body of users dependent on the drug, and in its absence, debilitating side effects result. For this reason, it is extremely difficult to quit using heroin “cold turkey.” People who would like to recover from heroin addiction must do so in a structured, controlled environment in which medical care is readily available.

In addition to the overwhelming cravings that most people experience, heroin withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Cold sweats and chills
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fever
  • Insomnia
  • Body pain and cramping

How to Identify Heroin Addiction

If you believe that a person you love is using heroin, there are ways you can help. North Georgia Recovery Center has resources for patients and their families to work toward recovery and reconnect. Familiarizing yourself with the signs of heroin use can be the first step toward your loved one’s rehabilitation.

Heroin users may appear slow, sluggish, and disconnected. The drug produces intense feelings of euphoria and relaxation, which contributes to the languid appearance of people who are using. Other signs of heroin addiction may include pupil dilation, weight loss, shortness of breath, needle marks, and itching.

The high level of addictiveness of heroin means the drug often causes significant disruption to the everyday life and functionality of users. A person who is addicted to heroin may begin exhibiting changes in behavior such as isolating and withdrawing from work and activities. Heroin use can also be identified if a person who shows other signs of addiction is experiencing financial distress that cannot apparently be attributed to any other reason.

Heroin addiction can impact individuals from all walks of life, including our neighbors and community members. Look out for signs such as sudden changes in behavior, social withdrawal, financial difficulties, and unexplained physical symptoms. If you suspect someone may be struggling with heroin addiction, reach out to local resources such as North Georgia Recovery Center for guidance and support.

At North Georgia Recovery Center, we understand the complexities of heroin addiction and the challenges individuals face in overcoming it. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual's unique needs.

Our Approach to Heroin Addiction Treatment

North Georgia Recovery Center offers a wide range of rehabilitation programs to people who are struggling with heroin addiction. As a patient at our top-notch facility, you’ll receive an individualized combination of therapy, partial hospitalization, and outpatient care that is specified to your needs.

We offer the following heroin addiction treatment programs:

For a free consultation with the North Georgia Recovery Center team, send us a message or call (678) 940-7873.

Helping a Loved One Addicted to Heroin

It is often a long and heartbreaking journey if you have a loved one that is struggling with heroin addiction. While it may be difficult and uncomfortable to approach them about this type of sensitive topic, it is important you encourage them to seek the help they need. You could be saving their life.

If your son, daughter, parent, spouse, or close friend needs rehab for heroin addiction, we advise you do the following:

  • Educate yourself about addiction so you have a better understanding of what they are going through.
  • Offer your support in any way you can. Let them know you are concerned about them. Do not wait for them to reach rock bottom before speaking up.
  • Encourage them to get help. Be persistent about the importance of treatment, but do so from a place of compassion. Do not shame them for their struggles.
  • If they decide to enter treatment, stay involved and continue to support them as they receive care. Show them that you are there with them every step of the way.
  • If they resist or are in denial of an obvious problem, consider staging an intervention with the help of a professional.

Preventing Heroin Relapse

Although therapy conducted by treatment centers helps people achieve sobriety from heroin addiction, relapse sometimes occurs. However, this does not mean the treatment has entirely failed.

Relapse is particularly common, and wanting to return to drug use after completing a heroin addiction treatment program is a normal part of the recovery process. Because of this, we teach each of our clients strategies to fight the urge to relapse and stay on the straight and narrow path towards sobriety. Recovery is not a one-time deal, but a lifelong process.

What Makes North Georgia Recovery Center Different?

Heroin use disorder is a devastating disease that can be difficult to overcome, but recovery is always possible with the right help. At North Georgia Recovery Center, we understand what you are going through and are ready to guide you step-by-step towards a brighter future. Our Kennesaw heroin addiction treatment programs are custom-tailored to treat the entire person rather than just the addiction. We do not take a "one-size-fits-all" approach to addressing addiction. We respect our clients as individuals and ensure our treatment programs address your unique goals.

When you come to North Georgia Recovery Center, you can expect:

  • State-of-the-art treatment and facilities
  • Full transparency throughout every step of your sobriety journey
  • An entire team of professionals dedicated to your recovery
  • A supportive, community-oriented environment

Ready to take the first step? Dial (678) 940-7873 to get in touch with one of our friendly admissions professionals.

Our Promise to You
  • A Family of Individuals Committed to Your Success
  • An Entire Team Dedicated to Your Life of Sobriety
  • Full Transparency Throughout Your Whole Recovery
  • State of the Art Treatment & Facilities

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