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Alumni Program Helping You Take the First Steps Toward Recovery

North Georgia Recovery Center Alumni Program

Nurturing Connections & Sustaining Recovery In georgia

At North Georgia Recovery Center, we’re dedicated to holistic care and long-term healing. That’s why we’ve created an Alumni Program to provide patients who’ve completed their drug, alcohol, or mental health treatment programs with the community and comprehensive aftercare services they need to navigate life after treatment and forge a path to lasting recovery.

Based on proven practices and the same caring approach that defines our treatment programs, our Alumni Program recognizes that the path to overcoming addiction or managing mental health issues extends far beyond treatment completion. Whether you’ve completed one of our programs, attended treatment elsewhere, or are just now starting your recovery journey, we’re here to help.

Give us a call at (678) 940-7873 or contact us online to learn more about our aftercare services.

What is the Alumni Program?

The North Georgia Recovery Center Alumni Program is more than just a network of individuals who have completed our treatment programs; it's a vibrant community dedicated to fostering lasting connections and supporting one another through every step of the recovery journey. 

We recognize that addiction and mental health challenges thrive when a person is isolated, which is why our Alumni Program focuses on building and maintaining supportive relationships. Whether you're seeking camaraderie, guidance, or simply a listening ear, our program can be a powerful resource in your continued recovery.

Key Features of our Alumni Program

  1. Personalized Follow-Up Calls: Our dedicated Alumni Coordinators provide personalized follow-up calls to check in on your progress, offer support, and connect you with any resources you may need.
  2. Monthly Support Groups: Join our monthly support groups to connect with fellow alumni, share experiences, and gain valuable insights from others who understand the challenges and triumphs of recovery.
  3. Quarterly Events: Attend our quarterly events, which provide opportunities for learning, growth, and networking. From workshops and seminars to recreational activities and community service projects, these events are designed to enrich your recovery journey and strengthen your support network.

Aftercare Resources

In addition to fostering connections and community, the North Georgia Recovery Center Alumni Program offers a comprehensive range of aftercare resources at no cost to you or your loved ones. These resources include:

  • Housing Assistance: Access resources and support for finding stable housing post-treatment.
  • Employment Opportunities: Explore job placement services and vocational training programs to support your transition back into the workforce.
  • Hotline Support: Immediate assistance is available through our 24/7 hotline, ensuring that help is always just a phone call away.
  • Meeting Spaces: Benefit from access to meeting spaces for ongoing support group meetings, counseling sessions, and community gatherings.

The Meeting After the Meeting

Our Alumni Program is often described as "the meeting after the meeting," emphasizing its role as a continuation of the recovery process beyond formal treatment sessions. 

By participating in the program, you become part of a cohesive unit, united in your commitment to sustained recovery and mutual support. Every voice is valued, and every individual is empowered to contribute to the collective journey toward healing and growth.

Learn More About Our Alumni or Treatment Programs

The North Georgia Recovery Center Alumni Program is a lifeline for individuals seeking sustained recovery and meaningful connections. From personalized follow-up calls to monthly support groups and quarterly events, our program provides the support you need to thrive post-treatment. 

Join us in building a community where recovery is celebrated, connections are nurtured, and hope is renewed. Together, we can navigate the challenges of life after treatment and embrace the journey of sustained recovery.

Want more information about our alumni or treatment programs? Call (678) 940-7873 to talk to one of our treatment specialists.

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