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Our team at North Georgia Recovery is dedicated to walking alongside you during your life of sobriety, and we have made it our mission to answer any and all of your questions with full transparency along the way. Contact our team of licensed and compassionate therapists today to get started!

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

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    • How do I know if I need rehab?
      If you feel that you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, a rehabilitation program can help you. Determining if you have a problem can understandably be difficult. Treatment may be necessary if you are unable to stop drinking or taking drugs (even medications that are prescribed to you) or if an alcohol or drug habit is interfering with your personal relationships, professional abilities, or other aspects of your life.
    • How can I pay for treatment?
      We accept most major health insurances to cover the cost of treatment. We also offer payments plans to help individuals cover the costs of their treatment.
    • What happens after I complete treatment?
      Our facility provides an outpatient group that was specifically created to address the struggles a person may face after receiving treatment for their addiction. The purpose of the outpatient group is to provide former patients with a support system of others in their same position, and an outlet for expressing their progress, emotions, and concerns.
    • Will I be hospitalized or required to stay in the facility?
      No. At North Georgia Recovery Center, we offer outpatient programs that do not require a residential component. Although your treatment plan may include medical treatment, our programs can generally be completed from the comfort of your home with periodic visits to our facility. This type of rehabilitation allows you to maintain prior commitments while completing treatment.
    • What if I need a type of treatment that is not offered at North Georgia Recovery Center?
      It’s possible that you may require a type of treatment that we do not currently provide, such as a residential program or detox program. If this is the case, we will refer you to another facility to complete the other form of treatment. If applicable, we will help transfer you from another facility into our facility for further treatment.
    • How does North Georgia Recovery Center determine my treatment plan?
      We offer free consultations to ensure we are familiar with the needs of our patients before we begin constructing their treatment plan. During this time we can discuss your needs and goals and identify which programs will best serve you.
    • How do I know if my family member or friend needs addiction treatment?
      It can be difficult to identify signs of addiction. Some common signs that may indicate that your loved one has a problem include drug-related relationship strain, legal issues, and financial problems, increasing drug and alcohol use, withdrawing from activities, and generally dedicating more time and energy to acquiring and using drugs and alcohol. These signs may point to your friend or family member’s need for treatment.
    • Can addiction be treated?
      Yes! Addiction issues can be managed and treated with therapy, medication, and other methods. Your treatment plan will be tailored to your specific needs. We offer free consultations to discuss the details of your customized treatment.
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