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Holiday Triggers to Avoid While in Recovery

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‘Triggers’ is the term used to describe certain events, dynamics, or situations that lead individuals in recovery to feel negative emotions, ultimately putting them at risk of breaking their sobriety. Unfortunately, the holiday season poses multiple challenges and trigger risks for individuals in recovery.

Our team at North Georgia Recovery Center explains some of the most common holiday triggers and what you should do if you or a loved one is struggling with sobriety this winter.

Stressful Family Dynamics

Complicated family dynamics can be one of the biggest stressors of the holiday season, because people are obligated to spend more time with their family at this time of year. If your family frequently engages in arguing, if there is tension among members, or there are other stressful aspects of your relationships, then these uncomfortable situations may trigger individuals in recovery.

Financial Stress

The holidays are an expensive time. Purchasing nice gifts for loved ones can be an incredible financial stressor for individuals living paycheck to paycheck or with unpaid debts. Take time to look into your financial situation and budget for what you can afford– do not feel the need to put yourself in a precarious financial situation this holiday season.

Busy Schedules and Obligations

It can feel like there is no downtime during the holiday season. This general hectic feeling can be overwhelming for individuals in recovery who need relaxation and self-care time. Additionally, running late or being otherwise unprepared for holiday gatherings can be a major source of mental stress.

Give yourself grace during the holiday season, take time, accept that things may not go to plan, and come up with a healthy plan for coping throughout this busy season.

North Georgia Addiction Treatment

These are just a few examples of triggers that you may run into this holiday season. However, everyone is different, and everyone has their unique stressors. Our team at North Georgia Recovery Center wants to help you each step of the way on your recovery journey. Reach out to our team today at (678) 940-7873 to take the first steps toward sobriety.