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Celebrating the Holidays While in Recovery

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The holidays are an exciting time for many. But for those currently in drug or alcohol addiction recovery, the holidays can be a stressful and challenging time. Our team at North Georgia Recovery Center wants you to know that you can still have a magical holiday season while maintaining your sobriety, and we’re here to give you tips to do so.

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Preparing for a Sober Holiday

Before the holidays begin, there are steps you can take that will ultimately help you stay sober throughout the holiday season.

One of the best things to do is to share your concerns with a trustworthy loved one who will be at the upcoming holiday gatherings. For example, tell your parents or sibling that you are concerned about maintaining your sobriety this holiday season and ask if they can support you should you run into triggers or temptations. You may also ask the host to make the gathering alcohol-free or limit the availability of alcohol.

Another thing you can do in preparation for the holidays is to attend therapy. At North Georgia Recovery Center, we offer group and individual addiction therapy. Both types of treatment have unique benefits. By going to therapy, you can work through the emotions you’re experiencing, make a game plan for maintaining your sobriety through the holiday season, and overall feel more in control of your mind and choices.

Finally, prepare to put yourself first. If you know a certain gathering will be a significant temptation to break your sobriety – do not attend. You do not need to put your progress and health at risk for social events that you do not feel comfortable going to. If you anticipate certain triggers and wish to avoid them, give yourself permission to do so.

Staying Sober While You’re at the Holiday Festivities

Once you arrive at the holiday gatherings, this is when you must be especially careful and work hard to maintain your sobriety.

First, take note of the space and the group you are around. If you see where the alcohol is, make a concerted effort to avoid that area throughout the night. If you notice people who you know have a record of drinking more heavily, it may be best to limit your time with them. This can also help avoid them pressuring you into having a drink. Consider your surroundings and make deliberate choices about where to be and with whom.

Next, make sure you keep your non-alcoholic drink in your hand. Individuals in recovery often struggle with the feeling of empty hands at social gatherings, especially if everyone nearby seems to be partaking in alcohol. Make sure you keep your safe drink in your hand to avoid this sensation of needing alcohol.

You may also choose to have a sober buddy for the event. This could be someone at the function who chooses to stay sober with you to support you or someone who may be on their own recovery journey. If no one is physically available, consider a sober buddy via text or call. You can call or text them for support if you struggle throughout the holidays.

We know you can maintain your sobriety this winter and still have a lot of fun. Follow these tips to feel prepared and empowered as you enter the winter holiday season!

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