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How a Recovery Mentor Can Help You Stay Sober This Year

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What is a Recovery Mentor?

A recovery mentor can be an integral part of your sobriety journey. This person is someone who you can rely on for support, encouragement, and guidance as you progress throughout your recovery. Generally, recovery mentors have recovered from drug or alcohol addiction themselves which gives them unique insight to guide others going through similar struggles.

How Your Recovery Mentor Can Help You


As previously mentioned, recovery mentors have struggled with addiction in the past. This shared experience helps you and your mentor grow a connection. You may also feel more comfortable being open and honest with your recovery mentor, as you know they have been in your same position.


You and your recovery mentor can set attainable and reachable goals together. This may be a mix of big and small steps, but are ultimately things you decide on together.


A recovery mentor can hold you accountable throughout your recovery journey. This may be with your goal-progress, any slip-ups, or if you seem to be regressing.


Sometimes, you just need someone to talk to. A recovery mentor can be just a phone call or text away when you feel you are really struggling, or need to talk through an issue. They can share times they have gone through similar situations and can explain what helped them get through.

Role Model

Having a close relationship with someone who has struggled with substance use but has come out successful after recovery can be inspiring. They may serve as a role model throughout your journey, as you’ll be able to see that it is possible to recover and live a happy, sober life.

North Georgia Recovery Center

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