Night-Time IOP

Are you a busy professional, student, or parent seeking addiction treatment? North Georgia Recovery Center’s Night-Time IOP may be a good fit.

Night-Time Intensive Outpatient Program in Kennesaw

Flexible Drug & Alcohol Treatment in the Evening

At North Georgia Recovery Center, we know that recovery starts with the first step. However, we’re also aware that this first step can be the hardest one to take – especially for folks who have pre-existing responsibilities and busy daytime schedules.

That’s why we’ve created our Night-Time IOP program.

Our Night-Time IOP offers all the benefits of our Intensive Outpatient Program on a more flexible, evening-based schedule. Whether you’re a professional, student, or someone with a full and responsibility-filled life, this addiction treatment option may be a good fit and a great way to start your journey to recovery.

A busy work, school, or family life shouldn’t be a barrier to recovery. With our Night-Time IOP program, everyone can find the support and treatment they need. Learn more about our services or how to get started by calling (678) 940-7873 or contacting us online.

What Is Night-Time IOP?

A Night-Time Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a structured treatment program tailored for individuals struggling with substance abuse, mental health issues, or other behavioral disorders.

Like traditional IOPs, a Night-Time IOP is an alternative to residential rehab and inpatient programs, which require patients to dedicate themselves full-time and live on site, sometimes for a significant amount of time. Because this arrangement isn’t always possible or preferred, a Night-Time IOP bridges the gap by providing a workable solution to individuals who require greater flexibility.

Specifically, it’s designed for those who are seeking intensive addiction treatment support but are unable to attend a regular IOP due to daytime commitments and the need to work traditional hours.

What Disorders/Addictions Does Night-Time IOP Treat?

Patients enrolled in our Night-Time IOP receive addiction and mental health treatment for a range of disorders and substances. These include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Drug addiction

Is Night-Time IOP Right for Me?

Our Night-Time Intensive Outpatient Programs is ideal for individuals seeking to maintain their daily routines while focusing on their recovery journeys. Whether you're unable to take a leave of absence from work, have unpredictable schedules due to college, or have family obligations, Night-Time IOP offers intensive care without the requirements of residential programs.

Night-Time IOP might be a good fit if:

  • You’re a working professional who works traditional daytime hours, needs to be on call during times when traditional treatment programs are in session, or travel for business.
  • You’re a student with a demanding school schedule or need to participate in study/tutoring sessions, school employment, and other activities during the day.
  • You have a busy family life, need to care for children, parents, or other family members, or must be available for family reasons throughout the day.
  • You want to start your recovery, but haven’t yet been able to because of scheduling conflicts, time-constraints, or the substantial commitment that residential rehab and inpatient programs require.

What Happens During Night-Time IOP?

Our Night-Time IOP focuses on addressing addiction and underlying mental health conditions to promote the complete wellbeing of patients. Experienced clinicians and friendly support staff are readily available, and other patients progressing through their recovery journeys are always nearby.

During Night-Time IOP sessions, clients engage in a combination of group therapy, one-on-one counseling, and other evidence-based practices and activities. These include:

  • Group Therapy: Our group therapy program offers a supportive and compassionate environment where clients can share their experiences, challenges, and successes with peers and clinicians. This allows patients to gain important insights, receive constructive feedback, and find solidarity with others traveling the same journey as their own.
  • Individual Therapy. One-on-one counseling sessions with a basis in talk therapy are a big part of our Night-Time IOP. Our licensed therapists customize sessions using proven, evidenced-based therapies and exercises such as CBT, journaling, visualization, and motivational incentives, and help patients explore ways to address cravings, identify triggers, manage stress, and maintain healthy relationships.
  • Family Therapy. Our family therapy program involves talk therapy, thought exercises, and other methods of helping families work in unison toward recovery. These sessions are custom-tailored and often include “homework” meant to help families practice new skills in home settings.
  • Mental Health Treatment. Taking a whole-person approach, our Night-Time IOP helps patients address underlying mental health issues and various problem areas in their lives. This includes support for managing dual diagnoses and sharpening skills for conflict management, communication, and coping with trauma and grief.
  • Supportive & Alternative Therapies. In addition to traditional therapies, we offer alternative therapy options such as art therapy and experimental group therapy and provide enriching forms of support through spirituality groups and team building activities.

Why Choose Night-Time IOP?

Whether you're a professional, a student, or someone with family commitments, Night-Time IOP provides a convenient and effective solution for pursuing recovery without disrupting your life.

Some key benefits of our Night-Time IOP include:

  • Intensive Treatment: Just like traditional IOPs, our Night-Time IOP offers the highest level of care among outpatient programs, providing patients with access to a team of licensed professionals and a structured environment rich in supportive services.
  • Staying Connected to Your Support System: Evening treatment programs allow you to stay connected with family and friends, which is vital for ongoing sobriety. It also gives you a way to implement new skills in real-time, refine them through therapy and group feedback, and build a foundation for lasting success.
  • The Ability to Maintain Obligations: Our flexible Night-Time IOP program enables you to thrive in your academic and professional endeavors and manage your existing obligations while simultaneously pursuing recovery with the support of proven professionals.
  • Community and Peer Support: Because patients who attend Night-Time IOP are typically professionals, students, and people with families and pre-existing obligations, their shared circumstances and goals create a strong sense of community.

Start Your Recovery Today: (678) 940-7873

Embarking on the journey to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction can be challenging, especially for individuals with daytime commitments like work or school. Through our Night-Time Intensive Outpatient Program at North Georgia Recovery Center, you can benefit from the flexibility of evening treatment while still receiving the high-quality care for which we’ve become known.

Located in Kennesaw, our evening IOP is open to individuals and families across the Atlanta metro area, Cobb County, and beyond.

If you’re ready to start your recovery, or would like more information about our Night-Time IOP, give us a call at (678) 940-7873 or complete an online form.

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