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Common Summer Relapse Triggers

Causes for Summer Drug & Alcohol Relapse

Although many people know that the winter holidays are a time that can trigger a relapse, the summer months cause a spike in alcohol and drug use as well. Here’s what you should know.

Summer Parties

When struggling with addiction, it can be difficult to express that you're not drinking or doing drugs anymore—especially at social events and parties. Because many people are embarrassed to tell others that they'd rather stay sober, it's easy to feel pressured into using drugs and alcohol again, even when you don't want to.

Feeling Left Out

When leading a sober lifestyle after struggling with addiction, you may feel left out when other people participate in activities and social events that may leave you feeling uncomfortable. When you have friends and family members who may partake in using drugs or alcohol, you may feel like you're being left out of the festivities or like you're not having as much fun as everyone else. This fear of missing out leads a lot of people to return to drug and alcohol abuse.

Distressing Emotions

Many people struggling with addiction also suffer from mental health disorders like anxiety and depression. During the summer months, people tend to have a lot more leisure time than they do during the rest of the year, making unaddressed mental health issues feel more intense since they're at the forefront of the mind. Unfortunately, many people turn back to drugs and alcohol as a means of temporary escape from their emotional struggles.

If you feel like you’re close to relapsing or you have relapsed, know that that doesn’t mean that you’re a failure. Drug and alcohol relapse is fairly common when walking down the path toward sobriety and recovery. Be kind to yourself and remember that you can always begin again and make better choices for yourself moving forward.

Seeking Help for Addiction at North Georgia Recovery Center

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