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Why Relapse Rates Spike During the Summer

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The Connection Between Summertime & Relapse

While many of us are familiar with higher relapse rates around winter holidays such as Christmas and New Years, relapse rates also experience a spike during the summertime. With summer rounding the corner, it’s important to understand the connection between the turn of the season and substance abuse.

Seasonal Changes & Mental Health

For many people struggling with addiction, having a co-occurring mental health disorder is a reality. When it comes to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), symptoms of depression typically follow a seasonal cycle with symptoms peaking during the winter months due to a lack of sunlight. However, in some cases, people experience the opposite and have an increase in depression symptoms during the summertime.

Unfortunately, this influx of distressing emotions can lead those struggling with addiction to old behaviors as a form of self-medication.

Social Settings

Another factor for an increase in addiction relapses during the summer is a higher amount of free time and an emphasis on certain social activities. With barbecues, parties, beach days, and brunches—there is higher exposure to drugs and alcohol than there usually is. This additional exposure can lead people to either overestimate their ability to remain sober or can even make them feel pressured into using.

Seeking Help for Addiction at North Georgia Recovery Center

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